And in the back?  Plenty of room for teeny puppets no one will ever really see.

And in the back? Plenty of room for teeny puppets no one will ever really see.

Just messing around shooting stills of some of the models today and I couldn’t resist throwing some fire and smoke in.  Almost ready to employ my ultra-high-tech “lazy susan and bucket” filming technique.  More to come…

Just messing around shooting stills of some of the models today and I couldn’t resist throwing some fire and smoke in.  Almost ready to employ my ultra-high-tech “lazy susan and bucket” filming technique.  More to come…

He Likes To Watch

He Likes To Watch


joeleduardo asked: Mr. Maxwell i want a know if there's some release date for a trailer or something like that? also tomorrow is my first day in college any advice? (sorry if you don't understand something, no ingles señor).

No hablo humana!  

I’m just now getting to the point where I can start putting scenes together.  Things are looking up, but I don’t suspect I’ll be able to shoot any real scenes until October.  So I’d guess the New Year before anything like a trailer appears.

As for college, learn but have fun.  I skipped the fun part and I sort of regret it.  Although maybe if I hadn’t, I’d be a raging party animal maniac who regretted not learning anything.  

Er… I don’t know!  Fly casual!


Anonymous asked: Do you plan on going to any conventions to promote Dogmeat?

The sidekick from Fallout 3?  Nah.  It seems counter-productive.  

I would go to conventions to promote Dead Meat, though.  I want to get a table at San Diego Comic Con next year for sure, but I hear it’s hard to do.  I should look into it soon.

A lot of actor friends tell me that conventions all over the world will fly you out to do panels and stuff.  I’d love to get in on that action, but I’m not in the loop!

Somebody loop me!

Parked out on Hollywood Way for minor repairs and armaments.

Hey Maxwell! Speaking of Evil Con Carne i don’t know if you got this question. Of all the characters, Dr. Ghastly had the most changes of re-design, Any reasons? I actually liked her last design(those curves lol). Also if the show had another season what future episodes you have done with the characters? I consider General Skarr a personal fav :P

Pilot Ghastly

Actually, I think that all of the characters on Billy & Mandy and Evil Con Carne got three design passes.  When I first started the pilots, CN told me that the they would never air.  But they totally lied.  So the characters didn’t really get any polish until series production started.

I don’t think we got what would be considered “normal series development time”.  But the longer I work in this industry, the more I understand that there’s no such thing as “normal”.  Anyway, I hurriedly redesigned all of the characters as best I could before we dove into production.

Early Ghastly

As time goes on and you draw a character hundreds and thousands of times, you start to refine and streamline.  It just happens.  But when you’re in the thick of making an animated series, there’s barely time to breathe, much less make updates to the character designs.  And the folks animating the characters at the overseas certainly don’t want to be getting messages like, “Hey, I had another revelation about Billy’s eyebrows.”  In fact, they’d probably just ignore you.

Fortunately, we finally got a little bit of “development time” when CN decided to split B&M and Evil into their own series.  I was able to go into the main model packs for both shows and clean up my own messes.  I think the results were a big improvement.  In fact, in the case of Evil, the whole look of the series got a bit of polish.

Final Ghastly

Ghastly was a fun character to write and draw.  I like that she’s just sort of a regular, smart, dorky girl who got in with the wrong crowd.  And how many scientists these days get to wear a vinyl catsuit to work?  Neil deGrasse Tyson might be able to pull it off, but I’d like to think Major Dr. Ghastly did it best.

But that’s not for me to decide.


Anonymous asked: Don't get sloppy.

OMG I wish I’d seen this, like, 20 years ago…


mostverticalprimate asked: You've probably been asked a similar question but is there anywhere to watch Grim & Evil? I've looked all over the internet and I can't find dvds, streams or whatsoever. I'm a big fan of all your work and I can't wait for Dead Meat but I'd love to know if you have anything for me to revisit one of my favourite shows.

Evil is nowhere in sight, but Netflix has been streaming Billy & Mandy this year.  They’re on the last chunk of the series, so check it before it’s gone!


ihatefeeling asked: First, I'm really thrilled you're on here, I loved Billy and Mandy when it was still just a pilot. Second, I'm happy to see your new project is chugging on! FInally, as someone who worked on television professionally, do you feel like the internet is at a good point for effective and lucrative independent cartooning? Or do you think there's still a way to go?

Thanks!  I’m thrilled to be here!  Though perhaps I’d rather be in Tahiti.

I’ll say that putting your work on the internet is probably the best way to pursue a non-lucrative career as an independent cartoonist.  Once you go commercial, your work will be more lucrative and less your own.  It’s sort of like a set of scales with a pile of awesome ideas on one side and a pile of money on the other.  The trick is, I think, balancing the scales in such a way that you don’t lose all the money and starve, but also don’t lose all of the ideas and become some mindless corporate hack.

Cartooning independently on the internet is definitely the best way to attract the attention of commercial jobs.  I know people who were plucked right off the internet and given work just because someone saw their stuff at the right time.  So putting your work out there is not only a great way to feel fulfilled as an artist, but also a great way to attract the attention of companies that might want to give you money for doing what you do.

But, yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a lucrative career as an independent cartoonist.  Please let me know if you find out otherwise!