thesaddestgoomba asked: I missed the kickstarter but I still want to contribute/get some sweet shwag. Have you considered allowing donations/pleges/pre-orders through paypal or the like?

I have indeed!  Dead Meat definitely needs some more support to get all the way through the series, so getting a website up is on the Top Ten List of things to do.  Hopefully it’ll go up soon!  Somewhere in front of that, though, is getting out all of the sweet schwag that everyone already pledged for!

Next time you see this, it’ll have a bunch of guns and a jet engine on top.


bentoonsmayhem asked: is the Cabazon Monster Gang name a mash up of Cannibal and Amazon ?

Nope.  The real Cabazon Monsters are the concrete dinosaurs that have lived off the side of the 10 Freeway near Palm Springs since the 60’s.  They were in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, though in real life you can’t climb up into the Tyrannosaurus’ mouth and watch the sun rise. Alas!

My Cabazon Monsters take their name from that area, which is (supposedly) where they hail from.  And mine also eat human flesh.  So yeah… Cannibals.



Some of yesterday’s progress. Since the Remote Control chassis doesn’t “go” right now and I’ll eventually need to add an interior, I’m trying to keep Riotmaker in three easy-to-unscrew chunks. Those would be the RC guts, the body, and the upper jet engine section.

I think it’s gonna look good when it’s done, but it’s slow going.

Anyone know any RC car gurus? Dead Meat will need one of those too.

Still don’t need any additional actors or musicians, though.


Anonymous asked: Will Dead Meat get an IMDb page?

We can hope!


Anonymous asked: Im sorry I actually have two questions.. um, How far back does the idea for dead meat go? and what requirments would someone need to get their own cartoon made? By a company? sorry im shy and youre a huge inspiration..

The seed of Dead Meat was planted well over a decade ago, and somehow I’ve already been actively working on it for two years.  Time flies!

If you want your own cartoon show, work on your writing and drawing every day.  Know what you want and be able to explain it to other people, but be flexible.  Fight for your ideas, and prepare to be rejected for (sometimes) decades at a time.

Good luck!


Anonymous asked: Hey Maxwell, one of my most favorite things about Billy and Mandy were the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) references to Frank Herbert's Dune series. Can we expect to see anything of the like in Dead Meat, or was that due to someone who won't be involved with this project?

Both C.H. Greenblatt and myself seem to have a special place in our hearts for Dune.  I don’t think there are any Dune references in Dead Meat, but the Spice has a way of getting under your skin.  And we all know what’s next when that happens…


Anonymous asked: Will Dead Meat be in 2D animation after the live action puppet version?

Very unlikely.  Most people don’t realize just how expensive and time consuming animation is…